Solar energy is an interesting topic of discussion for both the adults and kids. There is a special attraction among kids for solar panels and the strange way in which it generates electricity. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Solar Energy For Kids holds a strong future for them as fossil fuels would be depleted in a few decades.

The sun is the center star of the solar system and it was formed more than 4.5 billion years ago. The solar energy was harnessed by the primitive man to light fire and to cook food, and the same can be done even today. It can be called a repeat of history as technology is being used to channel sunlight for cooking food and also for running several domestic appliances.

Here are some interesting facts about solar power that would really help kids to increase their interest in this renewable source of energy.

Interesting Facts About Solar Energy For Kids

1. Free Lighting

The most basic purpose fulfilled by Solar Energy For Kids is that it gives free sunlight to the world. Imagine a day when there is no sunlight. It would be pitch black darkness and even the Moon wouldn’t shine if there is no sun. And, it would bring life to a standstill.

2. Drying Laundry

Without Solar Energy For Kids, it would not be possible to dry the laundry every day. This means that if there is no sunlight, all your dirty clothes would always remain wet.

3. Food for Plants

You have probably read that plants produce food through the process of photosynthesis. And, this process requires sunlight as an essential ingredient. Without sunlight, plants would die and there would be no greenery on the planet.

Solar energy is available in two forms –

1. Thermal solar energy or the heat energy
2. Light Energy – Electricity

The thermal energy from the sun is transformed into some useful form using solar cookers or solar towers with the main objective of heating.

The second form, the light energy is converted through photovoltaic effect to create electricity. This solar power can be used for running an electrical appliance without having to pay to the electricity company. This solar electricity can also be stored inside batteries that can be used whenever there is no sunlight, like in cloudy conditions or at nighttime.

Potential of Solar Energy For Kids

Even though, the Sun and the Earth has a distance of 93 Million miles between them, the sun’s rays take just 8 minutes to reach the earth. Since, the sun would continue to shine for billions of years, you can generate unlimited amount of electricity using solar panels without paying any money. In the near future, it would also be possible to run your car on solar power.

Interesting Points

1. Over 10,000 American homes run on solar power.
2. The earth receives sufficient solar energy in an hour that could meet the global energy demand for complete 1 year.
3. 1 Ton of sand can produce enough silicon used in making solar cells to produce electricity equal to what is produced by burning 500,000 tons of coal.
4. John Herschel, a British astronomer used a solar collecting box more than 180 years ago to cook food while traveling in Africa.
5. In 1921, the famous scientist Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on solar energy.
6. An interesting fact on Solar Energy For Kids is that the world’s largest Concentrated Solar Power plant is operational in California’s Mojave Desert.
7. And, the world’s largest Photovoltaic Solar Power plant is in China’s Golmud Solar Park